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Three Ten Bookworks

hand bookbinding
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WHO we are ... 

Three Ten Bookworks is a hand bookbindery owned and operated by P. Spilman Jones, bookbinder.  We specialize in repairs, restoration, & enclosures (either clamshell cases or slipcases) for all your books -- from cherished family bibles to collectable first editions, from childhood favorites to "can't-live-without-that-recipe" cookbooks.


No book in need of repair or restoration?  Consider having a clamshell case custom made to protect and preserve your wedding album, magazine collection, special keepsake or ornament.  






To see a more detailed description of the services we provide and to view more photos of our work, look at WHAT we do:
repairs & restorationclamshell enclosuresslipcase enclosures or paper repair.



Three Ten Bookworks because they're "not simply books"